Terrazzo tiles beautifully designed

Details that make the design, discover Volcan

Simplicity, the ultimate form of sophistication

Subtle Warm blends with a contemporary approach

terrazzo, when art meets tile
Terrazzo is a cement base with aggregates of marble, granite and other recyclable materials. This contributes its unique richness and multi-tonal appearance.
We design our blends carefully selecting and combining aggregates. All our pieces are manufactured with state-of-the-art Italian machinery. We obtain pieces that are true works of art. Ideal to use as an accent or focal point for your design. It may seem pretentious, but that is how we consider our pieces.
Each tile is unique and unrepeatable. The whimsical veining and oscillating tones of the materials that compose it make them fascinatingly unpredictable. We want to help you find that original, sophisticated, elegant touch for your project. If you are looking for a new, contemporary material, but at the same time noble, proven, robust and with centuries of tradition, you are in the right place.
against obsolescence
For more than 160 years we have faced a world that deliberately designs products to have a limited useful life.
investing for life
There is something reassuring about investing in something that you can be sure will outlast you. Terrazzo ages with style. It is prettier and its properties improve over time.
transcending fashion
From ancient Rome, to the Gugghenheim museum, and ending at Valentino's flagship venue on Fifth Avenue, NY, timeless terrazzo designs look amazing.